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Sandy magazine vol.4

¥300 税込


BEACHFUL MAGAZINE Sandy(サンディ) vol.4 Summer2016 Issue 発行日:2016.6.9 価格:300円(本体価格278円+税) タブロイド版36ページ 特集 SUMMER OF LOVE Contents COVER : JILLIAN KATE ◎& When I Change CherShore meets WTW ◎Summer holic by MONICA SAHARA ◎One Summer Day by Hurley ◎SANDY DIARY ◎SANDY’S SHONAN GUIDE MAP ◎EATING FLOWERS IS A PART OF YOUR NEW LIFESTYLE ◎GET YOUR SUMMER BEAUTY ◎SURF RENDEZ-VOUS / by DAI WAKO & KIY MIYAZAKI ◎BEACHFUL CUSTOMADE ◎FREEDOM FOR ART / by Margaux Arramon-Tucoo ◎STAY SOLTY STAY THE EARTH  Beautiful Person of Interview / YOSHIFUMI HAYASHI by HONEY ◎SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! …and More